1. thejohnsu:

    "Take me into the water! I’m going to chase some crabs out for you guys."

  2. gothharrystyles:

    hands down the best scene from any movie ever ever

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  5. solarsenpai:


    Luigi serves an ace, from Mario Tennis by Camelot/Nintendo.

    Is this episode 2 of Kill la Kill

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  7. elgordovolador:

    Wiiiiiiii WIIiiiiii

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  8. acidocasualidad:

    Mercadooona, roba y robaaaa.


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  9. intentandoseringeniero:

    Si hacemos Regular Show un poco más literal…

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  10. whokilledcecilpalmer:

    BLU spy confirmed.

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  13. intentandoseringeniero:

    grammar police

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